Rico Family Enterprise, founded in 2016 by Mr. Muhammad Aneel bin Salleh and Mrs. Hawa, is a testament to determination and hard work. Mr. Aneel, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), had previously pursued Mechatronic Engineering at Polytechnic Johor Bahru. His journey into the printing industry began while he was still a student. He gained invaluable experience working as a production crew and sales officer at a printing company, earning a basic monthly salary of RM 1,000.

In 2015, with seven years of experience in the printing sector under his belt, Mr. Aneel’s career path seemed promising. However, life took an unexpected turn when he married Puan Hawa during his final semester of studies. With a monthly income of RM 1,000, the young couple struggled to make ends meet, covering rent, bills, and daily expenses became a challenge.

Puan Hawa, displaying remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, conceived the idea of selling sausage rolls within the UTHM community. The profits from this small venture provided some much-needed relief to their financial burden.

However, when the semester break arrived, the sausage roll business had to pause. Their landlord delivered a further blow, instructing them to vacate their rental home. Facing homelessness with limited resources, Puan Hawa proposed crafting Kufi’s art to generate income. Within a week, they managed to accumulate enough funds to secure a new place to live.

As they continued their Kufi art venture, they encountered obstacles due to the noise generated during production within their home. Mr. Aneel, also serving as the Softball Captain for UTHM, was tasked with obtaining new jerseys for the team. Through this process, he explored sublimation printing and realized its profit potential.

This pivotal moment ignited their journey into online business. Determined to succeed, they worked diligently to acquire clients. After a few months, demand grew, and clients began requesting samples. As the business expanded, it became evident that the online model could no longer support their growth.

After much deliberation, Mr. Aneel and Puan Hawa made the strategic decision to establish Rico Family Enterprise. Over time, their enterprise grew, leading to the formation of Rico Legacy Sdn. Bhd. on February 27, 2019. Their remarkable journey from humble beginnings to a successful business stands as a testament to their resilience, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit.